Hugo Boss



Celebrate the launch of the new campaingn THE SCENT and create resonance on social networks, we offer an disruptive and memorable experience taking guests deep into the Hugo Boss The Scent universe : «Disconnect to Reconnect your senses»


The event aimed to provide immediate storutelling and content creation, focusing on the new BOSS The Scent campaign and ambassadors Jamie Dornan and Brigit Kos.

As the campaign explores seduction in the digital age and the important role that scent plays within this sphere, Hopscotch imagined a sensorial journey on
the occasion of which guests would have their sense of sight, sound, touch, and, of course, smell engaged. Given the digital dimension, interactive animations
were also offered.

The Scent Private Accord for Him & for Her as the climax of seduction


The TV Campaign and all digital assets were displayed on an LED screen, allowing the guests to immerse themselves in the campaign universe.




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guests deep into the Hugo Boss The Scent universe

#disconnect to reconnect your senses





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A pianist was on stage playing music inspired by the TV campaign






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An olfactive immersion into the fragrance universe.






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Creation of photo-opportunities through various possible interactions with the scenery.