The art of living a fantasy together : for the launch of the new JOOP ! HOMME ABSOLUTE fragrance, Hopscotch Luxe designed an entertaining, eye catching and unexpected event.


Ten influencers couples were welcomed in the marvelous Schlosshotel, an enabling environment to create an enigmatic journey and conceive a thrilling game for guests to play : Amoung the couples, one duo was the brand ambassador couple of the new JOOP! fragrance, but their identity had to be kept secret until they were discovered by the others.

Playing with the complicity skills of the guests, Hopscotch Luxe brought up a whimsical night, to make every step of the path a playful and immediate sharable moments. From the masquarade cocktail, the dinner set up, the olfactive workshop, the karaoke piano, the elegant photocalls, to the reveal game.

Hopscotch Luxe designed a tailor-made event for the new JOOP! HOMME ABSOLUTE fragrance, bringing a chic entertainement with a sure sense of mystery and glamour.

Fragrance discovery


Bottle glorifier