The first “KRUG FESTIVAL” edition! A rich multi-sensorial experience with KRUG champagne at its heart!

KRUG CHAMPAGNE launched its first Krug Festival Edition. An occasion to gather historical Krug lovers and a new younger target in exclusive experiences underlining parings between champagne, music, and food.

For a first edition, Hopscotch reinterprets the codes of the Maison Krug setting up, for a weekend, at the heart of the largest antiques market in the world. A unique atmosphere, where champagne and gastronomy, art and music merge, for a unique and multi-sensory tasting experience.

As a result of a close collaboration between contributors from many  and various backgrounds, “Les Accords Singuliers” expressed themselves thanks to the delicious signatures of Adrien Ferrand, Chloé Charles and Alexandre Giesbert, members of the Chiefs Collective Pressing, the eclecticism of musical talents from Radiooooo, but also thanks to Gilbert Kann, a connoisseur of the Market’s aisles, and inveterate collector of the Decorative Arts.

Dinner time in the middle of the Paul bert  Serpette Market


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A unique Chassol performance around Krug Champagne for a close exclusive lunch

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Market stands a perfect frame for Krug’s art of blending

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Parings Between Musical creation and Champagne

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Krug delicatessen by Bellota Bellota

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