Inspired by the nomadic lifestyle, guests were invited on a road trip from Los Angeles to Palm Springs. Each of the stops was a new encounter either with people from the fragrance’s behind the scene, the muse and the perfumer, wild landscapes, or creative people such as musicians, photographers, artists etc.


The day was marked with a retro and wild atmosphere thanks to vintage accessories and setup as well as horses in nature. A Feeling of freedom was achieved with an overview of the desert from the sky on their way back to Los Angeles by helicopter.

Inspired by a strong symbol of nomadic life, 60 guests were taken on a Nomade Caravan made of 20 Jeep cars through California. All day they moved from one place to another to discover the new fragrance and behind the scenes.

The Jeep cars picked them up in downtown Los Angeles at the brand new Nomad hotel where they all stayed. First stop, guests discovered the takeover of an Art Déco style theater in Pomona city. Posters of plays were changed for Nomade posters and the typical big black letters on the facade were saying Nomade Chloé…  In the auditorium they watched the communication movie and its making off followed by a discussion with Ariane Labed herself, the model in the movie.

Back on the road, crossing wild landscapes and mountains, guests arrived at Whitewater Preserve, offering a unique natural case for the fragrance and the perfumer Quentin Bisch to tell guests more about the scent harmony he created for the fragrance. To enhance the natural surroundings, mirror blocks were installed in the nature reflecting the mountains and vegetation giving an artistic and surreal feel to the setting.

Heading deeper into the desert, guests finally reached Palm Springs for a family style lunch in a ranch. They, then, spent the afternoon there starting with a surprise concert of the up-and-coming girl band War Paint. A friendly and chill retro atmosphere soon set among the horses of the ranch and the airstream camp nearby. Each airstream had a different purpose : be creative customizing a map of California made by a couple of artists Emily and Adam (Our Open Road) inspired by their travels around the world ; listen to passionate explorer and photographer Laura Austin and have fun creating your own content with vintage typewriters and vintage style instant camera.

To end the day on a high note, the Jeep cars took the guests a few minutes away at the heliport to take them back to their hotel in Downtown L.A. at sunset flying over desert, mountains and Los Angeles

The Nomade afternoon in full swing customizing maps of California with the artist Adam Harteau (Our Open Road).


Fragrance installation




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First stop in an Art Déco style theatre to watch the Nomade film and meet with Ariane Labed.






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At the ranch, lunch is waiting for the guests to arrive in their Jeep cars, for a family-style, colorful and tasty lunch.






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Right after lunch, the ranch turns into a concert stage with War Paint rocking it.






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To end the day, guests flyed over the Californian desert to reach back Downtown Los Angeles at sunset.