We love radient

Hopscotch Luxe love radient storytelling
Hopscotch Luxe love challenging innovation


We love challenging


We love to design
compelling, tailor made
& playful experiences.

Hopscotch Luxe love design playful experiences


Love of good encounters

Good adventures start with good encounters. That is how Hopscotch Luxe was born. Friends enjoying working together-some of them met at their Design school or team mates becoming friends, naturally.
Good encounter as well in spring 2015 between Luxurylab managed by Elsa Teissier in Hopscotch Groupe and the Parisian agency Hmm…managed by Matthieu Albertini and Michaël Huard.
The right combination of, on the one hand, the thorough experience with big luxury brands and on the other hand, a “next generation” sensitivity, mixing contemporary art and pop culture.

What do we get? A vibrant team endorsed to a PR group counting 12 communication agencies. A small and connected team.

We are convinced that “work friendship” means permanent agility. The love of driving one another towards the most relevant, elegant and bold solutions and making of each new encounter an opportunity of a promising adventure.