Paco rabanne Invictus press launch


Offer an memorable experience taking guests into a digital arena.

The Champion’s victory

Present to the international press the new masculine fragrance of the mark : Invictus.

The goal was to express the new facet of masculinity Paco Rabanne. Bring a brand image more upscale on the perfume segment and produce the Conception of the press event (images and videos.)


 Guests were welcomed into the digital arena and could discover the new fragrance





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This workshop allowed the guests to discover and understand how the fragrances were created, thanks to the explanations of Rodrigo Flores

#Fragrance Expertise 


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Dedicated mini site, Page layout highlighting
the visual.


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Discover the new fragrance with the creator

#fragrance notes

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Guests were pleased to discover the iconic design of the bottle

#Invictus bottle