Miu Miu



For the launch of its new signature fragrance, Twist, Miu Miu wanted to share its youthful and sophisticated universe in a quirky luxury and glamour party. 200 guests came to Shangai, to discover a Lafayette Arts and Design center entirely twisted to make the ordinary spectacular and magnify reality.


Hopscotch Luxe challenged the venue’s architecture to create a surprising concept and carry the guests into a journey out of time and in another dimension.

Guests started their journey into a colorful and feminine boudoir. Every corner has been thought to be a remarkable spot for photocalls and sharable content.To bring to life the playful energy of the fragrance, Hopscotch Luxe designed a new path for twisting the atmosphere.

Acompanied by an Alien host, guest are taken to a corridor of bright arches where they discover a new world of fantasy. In the new space, Hopscotch organized a cocktail-chic where guests could dance and listen the electronic band Double performing on stage. When the song from the film campaign is performed, five dancers dress up and masked like aliens do an amusing choregraphy.

Their left launches the reveal of the movie campaign and an enigmatic sound design is set to attract guests’ attention to a much bigger surprise. The curtain is left up and reveals Elle Fanning, the fragrance’s egerie.

To maximize the unexpected reveal, Hopscotch Luxe chosed to create the set up of a film shoot, as if the egerie was shooting the movie campaign. A moon setting and a big spotlight offer the perfect display for an unforgettablephotocall. To end the night on a high note, guests were able to take a souvenir with them as the photos taken on the Moon set could be printed to a miu-ximized format.

Fragrance discovery display 


Actress Elle Fanning, egerie of the Miu Miu Twist fragrance posing in front a giant wall of perfumes




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A first stop in a pop up store turned into a radiant boudoir






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A playful party in the Miu-niverse : alien dancers and band Double performing







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A corridor of bright arches leading guests to dicover a new dimension.






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To end the night on a high note, Elle Fanning appears in a film shoot set up to the surprise of everyone.